Day Fifty-Nine – Teachings in an Example


I am awake, I am alive, and on this Teaching Tuesday I smile as I dance with the idea that perhaps it takes an entire lifetime to understand another.

Case in point – my Mother. With each passing year, I look at her and all she was with older, wiser, more experienced, more educated eyes. And each time I look, I see more, I realize more, I understand more of the woman who raised me.

But this weekend was a true revelation. Mother’s Day, coupled with isolation, gave me time to reflect on the 41 years I walked with this multi-faceted woman and those thoughts revealed something I had never seen before, even though it truly was “right before my eyes”.

I was so stunned by my findings that … well, I had to share them with you. Enjoy this week’s video my friend, aptly titled “Teachings in an Example”.

Today, let us all strive to be such an example.

I love you!


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