Day Fifty-Eight – Life & Progress


I am awake, I am alive, and as this strange new journey continues I cannot help but think “I have been here before”.

As I explained to a friend just yesterday, this period SO reminds me of when I first started my business almost 11 years ago. Back then getting a booking was a THRILL as it meant maybe just maybe this self-employed idea of mine was going to work. My focus then went to delivering the most amazing event I could and when it was done, I prayed for the next booking.

Fast forward to today – I have completed one video course for a valued customer. Now waiting on acceptance or rejection of quotes to develop two more, one for a previous customer and one for a new entity that I have not previously worked with. And of course, while all this occurs (and this is the different part), I am also set to launch one of my own seminars in the very near future, my first in video form. Truth be told, quietly behind the scenes, steps have been taken to convert a full EIGHT of my seminars into video courses, enabling men and women of all ages and in so many locations access to my seminars like never before.

This reality is good, very good but it is different – like the first few days after a loved one passes or a friend moves away or a relationship ends. In all cases in my past, the new normal allowed me to blossom, to discover new talents and skills I previously didn’t know I had, to become more of “me” and that is what I pray is happening for you my friend.

In so many ways, this time has ripped the facade off of so many things, forcing us to face the human we have become, the partner we have chosen, our love/hate for our career and so much more. I pray you are wise enough to use the discovery not to condemn or berate yourself, but to grow. Hate that job? Use this time to educate yourself towards a new one. Really doubting this partnership? Talk it out, work it out, or don’t. Really not liking the human you have become? Perfect time to start the process of liking, loving, and becoming a version you will love, even on days when it seems like there are very few others who feel the same.

Me? This time has highlighted that there are large parts of me that I definitely like/love while revealing that there are some areas that definitely need tweaking. That in my mind is simply life and progress, two things that do go on, even in isolation.

So on this day my friend, choose to love you. Choose to use this time to your advantage. Choose to come out of this better. Choose … you, every single time.

I do.