Day 32 – Celebrating the Life-Givers

I am awake, I am alive, and on this day I join so many in honouring the life-givers …

These women succeeded in the one way no one can deny them – giving us life. But from the moment of conception, they were thrown into a world of judgement, a world that expected their perfection rather than their humanness, a world that declared they could no longer hurt, be wrong, need, or be anything less than perfect.

Some tagged out early – unable or forbidden to attempt the next phase. Others did to varying degrees of success, largely dependent on the success of their mother and their grandmother, their father and grandfather before them. Many manage, few succeed, but again, all are expected to.

At least until children become parents and perhaps mothers themselves, shoved into that world of judgement that is only truly known to those so sentenced.

As a world, I think we must do much better by our Mothers. We must learn to offer support, not judgement. We need to remember their humanity, their fears, their history was not erased by the birth but often magnified it.

And for so many, we must simply forgive.

So on this day, I honour all the life-givers. Thank you for your children. Thank you for carrying to term the next generation. You did so much (whether you feel you did a good job or not) so thank you.

In my family, we have generations of wise women and I am honoured to mother the daughter who herself is now a Mom. I know without a doubt that my Mom is smiling as the best of her lives on, the rest … forgiven.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Today … forgiveness is your gift, for all of it, big and small.

I love you!

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