Day Fifty-Six – Subtle, Very Subtle – NOT!


I am awake, I am alive, and once again this morning I am giggling at Creator and his NOT so subtle hints! lol

Yes, anyone who knows me knows that “I don’t do subtle”. Hinting at things, “suggesting” something only guarantees I will miss it completely. In my world, direct conversation works best. Tell me you are unhappy with me – I can work with that. Tell me that you need time alone – that works too. But huffing and sighing loudly, no. Just no.

Messages from Creator work the same way in my world. I miss the subtle increase in neck pain. I miss the fatigue and the lack of enthusiasm until BANG! Suddenly I am so much pain even I can’t miss it. It is then that I laugh and thank Creator for the “not so subtle message” that I absolutely needed.

This morning – a blog post. Well-written I thought, although I wasn’t sure it was what I should be sharing at this point in time. Never mind, I thought. Edit it. Post it. It will be fine.

It was in the midst of the editing process that it happened. I went to backspace out a typo and WHAM, blog post gone. All gone. Only thing left of a MULTI-PARAGRAPH POST – the letter “n” sitting there, staring at me, in that large font Facebook uses if your post is under a certain amount of characters.

n = no

I laughed. I shook my head and I got to writing THIS blog post. Here’s hoping I don’t lose it in the editing too but then, come to think of it, I have never lost anything I really needed in editing. Just things I realized … I didn’t really need at all.

The original blog post – if it is meant to be, it will appear on another day. This one is the one this day needed, of this I am sure.

Be well my friend, be safe, be happy. Enjoy what this day IS and not what you wish it could be. Because I truly believe, in the BIG scheme of things, that this day should not be edited out.