Day Fifty-Five – Like a Precious Child


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I have a strange request, my friend …

Today, for just one day, be your daughter or your son. (Even if you don’t have one, imagine you do.)

For one day, talk to yourself like you would your daughter. Encourage you. Be proud of you. Congratulate you on the great meal you made or how you look today. Tell you how amazed you are that you were able to solve that problem so quickly. Tell you how proud you are of your intelligence, your compassion, your determination, your resilience. Tell you that the world is your oyster. Tell you to dream.

Love you like you love her.

For a day, talk to yourself like you would your son. Tell you that you can do it. Tell you not to give up. Tell you not to be so hard on yourself. Tell you that what other people say doesn’t matter because they don’t know you. Tell you that you believe in you and that you know you can do it. List off for you all the other times you have tried and succeeded. List off all the times you have tried and failed but learned valuable lessons.

Love you like you would love him.

In other words, love you.

Love … you.

That is all I ask, for just one day, just for today. And then tonight, when you lay your head down, consider doing it again tomorrow because I, for one, know it is seriously amazing just how much the world can change when we honestly and truly start loving ourselves as if …

As if we were once precious children.