Day 30 – Good Medicines

I am awake, I am alive and this morning, I am grateful for “good medicine”.

In came to me while I was getting in my steps, walking away from a funk that threatened to derail everything that matters to me. For a migraine, you reach for meds but to eliminate a funk, you need to reach for good medicine or in reality, FOUR good medicines …

For the physical funk …
You get up and move. You walk (dance?) to some fav vibe. You cook and savour something healthy. You take care of you as someone who loves you would. In other words, you love you.

For the mental funk …
You learn something new. You watch a video, read, listen to a podcast, ask a question online. Anything that gets those mental gears spinning in a new way, expanding your knowledge and your wisdom is good mental medicine.

For the spiritual funk …
You give thanks to God, Creator, Higher Power, the Universe, Mother Earth, Dr Phil, Oprah – it matters not who you say thank you to, but rather than you say it. You count your blessings, each sacred one of them and as Mom would say, “If that is difficult to do, you best do it twice.”

For the emotional funk …
You cry. You write a journal post. You message a friend. You call a loved one. You acknowledge the funk, that it is merely a stage that you will get through, largely because you have survived way worse.

Repeat as often as required until all funk symptoms are gone.

Feel free to share.

I love you!

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