Day Fifty-Four – Throwback Laughter


I am awake, I am alive, and on this Throwback Thursday I am smiling as once again I realize that laughter truly is the best medicine for many, many ailments.

Truth be told, the world has rarely seen my “silly” side. Past videos released captured my wisdom, my teachings but my humour was kept private, shared via text with family or in person with my admin assistant. She can tell you just how often she was entertained as I shared the latest “You are NOT going to believe what I just did!” or the most recent “You are NOT going to believe what I THOUGHT you said!”

But thanks to isolation, my humour needed a new outlet. Enter my latest posts on my private FB page, revealing to those I love that I may be alone but the silliness continues. But what of my videos? What of all those people who have given their precious time to walk with me through the years? Do you not also deserve to laugh?

Well, I am happy to report that recent videos shot (and soon to be released as part of a variety of online courses) show yours truly in FULL-ON MUPPET MODE! And I can honestly say, I am LOVING this new era of videos, the culmination of years of discovery as you and I honed our relationship, our friendship, and our trust.

But way back when, when my journey online was just starting, there was a hint of what was to come, captured in ONE video, released on a day when I had no one to share my silly with. That is the video I throwback to today. It still makes me laugh and I pray it does same for you.

Watch, learn, share, laugh.

There cannot be a better way to spend 5 minutes or an hour or … a day.

Enjoy this day my friend. I know I will for today I will be watching, learning, sharing and laughing.



P.S.  For more videos, check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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