Day 28 – Post-Funk

I am awake, I am alive and today … I got this!

Not gonna lie, yesterday was an “eff it” kinda day. A few technical issues early on, a couple disappointments and one too many cloudy days during lockdown effectively put me in a funk, a location I allowed myself to inhabit for the duration of the day.

But yesterday is done and none of those things have the power to derail my future so … I am back, I am determined, and I have a plan!

Today’s list of things to do – reasonable in number, important enough to make a difference, essential enough to make the list.

Because the only things that can stop me are the things I believe can stop me and one bad day or even this lockdown/pandemic SO AIN’T IT!

So this is me, back to my Sandi-ish self – a woman who overcomes challenges rather than being derailed by them.

If you had to describe you, what would you say?
If your child was in the room, what would you say?

Repeat the latter often, as often as you need to win this day my friend.

Rootin’ for you!

I love you!

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