Day Fifty-One – A Leaf in the Wind


I am awake, I am alive, and today (against my Mother’s best advice), I do believe I am going to enjoy being “a leaf in the wind”.

Mornings usually bring clarity to my world, but not so much this morning. Instead my mind dances like a 4-year old little princess, swirling and twirling to music only she hears. The thought makes me smile, for the music has always made me dance.

So today, in this world of beauty marred so often by human flaw, I dance. No rhythm, no reason, for today like any other day, I know not what will will transpire, what will be said, what will be achieved, what will be denied, nor what will be created, if only in my mind.

But I can cherish them all. That choice as always, is mine.

So take me Creator, on this dance you tease me with. Blow me towards the great meme and away from the useless fight. Blow me to what I need to see and away from what would not serve me. I trust you ….

And you my friend, whether your day is scheduled or not, whether you wake with apprehension or excitement, I pray you enjoy this day. We only get to live it once, so do me a favour my friend – enjoy the dance.

I feel the wind blowing.
Off I go!