Day Fifty – A New Life


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I sit with yet another revelation, the realization that perhaps I didn’t love my old life as much as I thought I did – that perhaps I just didn’t realize there were alternatives.

Old life – get a booking for a specific date. Revamp seminar to make it personal and relevant to new client. Revamp handouts/exercises as needed. Determine ice breakers and games to keep energy high. Finally, determine number of “seminar packages” needed. Order prints. Assemble packages. Pack. Travel. Deliver. Travel home. Repeat (if lucky). Market until new booking materializes.

New life – design online course. Make it engaging and fun. Make it personal. Shoot videos on own schedule. Write and read in between. Master videos. Upload videos. Launch course. Watch as notifications come in that participants have signed up for the course while you worked, or slept, or ate. Note as revenue hits bank. Consider next seminar to convert to online course. Begin again.

Today includes glimpses of the old life as I work to finish a course for someone else, to hit a deadline that we set and the deadline, the working to a schedule … irritates like the tag in the back of a brand new shirt and I am noticing. I am noticing.

Yes, today the journey continues, as once again I give thanks for the freedom of this time, this time that has allowed me to truly get to know the human I am once removed from schedule and demand. Thanks to this time, I can now see just how much of a creative I am and how creatives really don’t do schedules.

Interesting finding, like a new bird at the feeder. The result – you just sit there and smile, as you enjoy the new sight.


And you my friend, I pray beautiful things are being revealed for you too during this time of isolation and reflection. And if ugly things are found, like weeds in the garden that is your life, I pray they are being identified, with plans to weed them out in the very near future.

Maybe even today.