Day 25 – Level Three Living

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am enjoying the view from the “third level” …

Level One – disappointments and challenges cripple you. You give up. You never try again. You are trapped, always on Day One in the next new, unknown environment; a reality that feeds insecurities rather than confidence.

Level Two – you begin to approach life and its challenges like a video game. You stop taking the challenges personally, recognizing they are “just part of the game”. More importantly, challenges and failures no longer cripped you. You try again and again, for now you realize that each time you start over, you know more about the game, what works, what doesn’t, thereby increasing your odds of success.

Unfortunately, at this level you realize your offspring are at Level One.

Level Three – your life has become comfortable. Challenges keep it interesting rather than devastating you and now, you have the pleasure and joy of watching your now-adult children dancing at Level Two.

And it is good, real good.

I pray you are well my friend. I pray you are reading this from at least a Level Two or Three. If not, perhaps it is time to move.

I love you!

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