Day Forty-Nine – Savour!


I am … more awake to my surroundings than I have been in forever, I am alive and this morning, I am so incredibly thankful to be able to type this blog post …

Yes, after my near fall yesterday, the only thing I intend to do today is SAVOUR the amazing world I live in, the amazing home I currently reside in, and this amazing life I lead for yesterday I was reminded just how easily things can change and not always in a good way.

No insane schedule today. No long list of “To Do’s”. Rather today I am going to enjoy every sip of my amazing coffee, savour every meow my roomie offers to me, savour the comfort of my chair, my couch, my home, my world for today I am simply thankful that I can still do all those things.

So this is me, again saying “Thank you Creator”. Thank you for the scare BIG ENOUGH to actually get through my thick skull. Thank you for the reminder that safety measures are so much more than words on a computer PSA or in a section of a pamphlet. Thank you for reminding me I am very dispensable if I insist on not ensuring my own safety.

Social distancing – NOT A PROBLEM!

Eat healthy – ON IT!!

Yesterday I was reminded just how much I DO want to be here so this is me, taking steps (the healthy, safe kind) to ensure I continue to be here.

Take care of you my friend and while you are at it, don’t just read the words. Eliminate the extension cord in your home that is a tripping hazard. Wear the safety glasses as recommended for the craft project you are attempting. Do what the experts ask. They are just trying to keep you safe and I, for one, definitely want you safe.