Day Forty-Eight – Didn’t See This Comin’


I am awake, I am alive, and today on this May 1st, I cannot help but think (like so many others) … I didn’t see this coming.

And then I smile, as I think of how many times in my life I have said those words or thought them or wrote them or sobbed them.

And as in times before, this time I am once again okay. Still a little stunned, still feeling this is a lot surreal most days but thankful to have yet again found my feet, thankful for my health and the continuing health of those I love, thankful for the lessons of sacrifice by those who came before, those who loved me, for their choices have taught me how to love even in times like this.

So in this time of “distance = love” let us cherish all we love by calling, by texting, by emailing but NOT by visiting. Do not let yourself become convinced that you NEED to see them, for there are those in hospital beds that need visits far more than any of us do and they persevere.

So can we.

On this day, I will continue to work and play and laugh and dance in this little sanctuary I have built, cognizant of my privilege, thankful that I have a home to safely stay in. And I pray, pray for all those in hospitals and homes, those in care and incarcerated, those on front lines and so many more.

I can stay home after all.
Today I pray for those who wish they could.

The journey continues into May and onward. Focus on what we CAN do my friend, that is the only place happiness is ever found.