Cuz I Can!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning my thoughts can be summed up with three little words – “Cuz I can!”

It’s funny (not funny) how often that phrase is used to excuse a bad idea, uttered prior to the delivery of the insult, prior to the ill advised purchase, prior to the actions that will hurt others or self.

Then, of course, there are those who believe they can’t, damning themselves to purgatory in a cage constructed in their own minds, with no need for assistance from others. They never realize the door is open for they never even consider pushing on it.

And then there are people like me, dedicated to doing all we can to make a difference. We show up for work at jobs that pay far less than what we are worth. We go above and beyond, never uttering the words “not in my job description”. We are known as “reliable”, “dependable”, “people you can count on” and “friend”. We do all that we can because we can, realizing (or perhaps not) that this is why we are here.

Today, my reason for being is once again obvious, as preparation for next week continues. Four events in 6 days. Two out of town, two local.

Why such an insane schedule?

Because I can. Not every week, not all the time, but when events line up back-to-back, I know I am needed. I know I can help so I do.

Because I can.

Today my friend, do ALL you can. Offer a smile, a dime, or a dollar to that homeless person BECAUSE YOU CAN. Encourage rather than criticize BECAUSE YOU CAN. Offer solutions for consideration while leaving your audience with the right to choose.  Be all you can be BECAUSE YOU CAN. Then consider doing it again tomorrow.

I know I will.

After all, time is fleeting. Life is short but we can make a huge difference while we are here. History offers a million examples of same – ordinary people that made a difference in the lives of others.

Let’s be that kinda people.

Because we can.

You with me?