An Essential Piece …


I am awake, I am alive, and as this week comes to an end, I am reminded on one very important thing …

Self care is as essential to success as productivity.

So this is me, determined to accomplish today, just as determined as I am to rest this evening and tomorrow, for next week’s agenda will definitely require such wisdom.

And why wait until next week to be smart?

Why wait to tomorrow to start?

Why wait to tomorrow to quit?

You deserve it my friend, so do it today, whatever IT is. Start that healthy eating plan. Quit that smoke. Rest. Work. Get off the couch. Head to the couch. Get up earlier. Go to bed earlier. Whatever it is that your body/spirit is crying out for.

Do not medicate it away.

Do not fake it away.

Do not willpower it away.

Listen because your brain is only ONE of the organs in the body.  They are all trying to help you succeed so be a good team player.


Start today.


Food for thought my friend. I love you!