Day Twenty-Nine – This Week

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I anxiously await … all that Creator will send this week.

I know there will be thrills – chances to learn, things to see and enjoy, places to view (even if only online) and I look forward to each one.

I know there will be people to meet – those that are a breath of fresh air in my world and those that challenge me, helping me to define what I believe and who I am.
And again, I look forward to the meetings.

I know there will be conversations – friendly silly ones and serious ones, complicated ones and light-hearted ones, and I promise to cherish every single word.

I know there will be work and I am thankful most of all for that, for with a gift comes responsibility and with all the gifts I have just listed, it only makes sense that I must live up to the responsibility that earned me such cherished things.

So, let us do good work this week, my friends. Let us be solutions over problems. Let us be inspiration. Let us be hope. Let us be what can be.

Let us journey well …

I love you!

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