Day Fourteen – The Best & The Worst


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as I begin to absorb the environment around me, I cannot help but think …

“It was the best of time, it was the worst of times…”

First, the sunrise that now sits directly in front of me each day thanks to a wise and prudent furniture rearrange this morning.

Then the email showing someone had purchased a book and another someone had signed up for my BRAND NEW Personalities 101 Free Email Training. I thanked Creator for the promise of things to come, for a life during and after this pandemic.

And then I opened another email, taking note of the sender as I did. I was surprised to see an email from this friend,, for he was someone I had not heard from or spoken to in ages. I was happy to hear from him until I began reading …

And there it was – the conspiracy. How China had planned this pandemic as a means to take over the world. My heart fell to the floor, wishing to any and all Gods that racism and ignorance could be slain by this virus, instead of just people.

A quick reply to him, highlighting my utter disgust not only at this thought process but at his need to spread such poison to me. And then a block/delete because that virus isn’t welcome in my world either.

Now I sit here, once again enjoying the sunrise, sipping coffee, happy with my choices. Yes, my friend, we will live in the world we build or rebuild, but we choose the bricks.

That man did not fit in the foundation of my life.

The journey continues.

Stay safe my friend. Above all else, please stay safe.