Day Thirteen – Arm Chair Heroes


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am reminded that one rule remains constant even in the midst of this insanity – our future is the result of the actions we take today.

But consider this …

– the numbers continue to grow.

– people are getting “tired” of isolation and social distancing. Trained to value individual happiness above all else, they see no need to be uncomfortable, even if it puts their community at risk.

– “But there are NO CASES HERE” they say, never once realizing their actions will guarantee there is.

This afternoon, I will record my second episode for my new podcast, “Surviving Isolation”. In it, I will share tips and tricks on how to cope with and survive isolation without putting our community at risk, my way of supporting all those who are doing their part by thinking of the whole and not just “what they need or want”.

My grandchildren, children, and I appreciate those that are staying home and only going out when it is absolutely essential. My grandchildren, children, and I look up to those designing new games and breaking old rules to make home FUN during these unfun times. My grandchildren, children and I cherish those who realize that doing things as they always have is what doesn’t fit now, those who understand that social isolation is the new norm for the foreseeable future, those making the best of it any way they can.

They are the new heroes.

So the journey continues on this Day Thirteen. I, for one, am focused on life AFTER the virus, but first I have to get there. I do that by staying inside.

Here’s to my armchair and coach heroes, bored as eff but keeping the country safe! I salute you!

And I love you.