Day Twenty-Six – A Land Without Bulldozers

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but ponder two separate engagements that occured this week, both with non-Indigenous “bulldozers” …

In my world, a “bulldozer” is the unrelenting marketer, the over-ambitious “potential partner”, the individual who sends email after email, leaving phone message after phone message. This category also includes the one who, when respond in the negative, continues the onslaught because OBVIOUSLY we do not understand.

In both cases, judgement and white supremacy grow more obvious with each encounter.


One email is sufficient, perhaps one more a week later. Same for phone messages. Your urgency for an answer, your enthuasiasm over our possible connection does not eclipse what is going on in our communities. Rarely do meetings or training events become priorities when safety, funding, policing, violence, addictions and the like are front and center of every day for many Indigenous entities and communities.

And a no is a no, as definite in our world as it needs to be in yours. Your lack of understanding highlights … well, your lack of understanding along with your inadequacy as a desirable partner.

Patience is required. Respect, compassion, maybe even a helping of understanding but your comments about how we just “never return a call” … well, that is anything but reconciliation.

The journey continues … to the land without bulldozers.

I love you!

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