Day Twenty-Five – What You Cannot See

I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am thinking of an image that I believe we all need to remember …

Two people, standing back-to-back. They each take turns looking around the room from their vantage point. Each can see so much yet each has a blind spot, an area directly in front of the other, the one “that has their back”.

As the image illustrates, we need to be heard when we see what you cannot – when we experience racism in a store where you feel safe, when we feel silenced or disrespected in a place where you enjoy comfort. In those times, simply remember we are only sharing what we can see, that which resides in your blind spot.

We want to walk free you see, free and safe, welcomed on our own traditional territories, even if you have built a city there. I truly hope you can see that …

The journey continues.

I love you!

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