Day Eleven – From the Other Side of the Living Room


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling because today I am happy with the changes underway …

Yes, today on a scale from 1-10, on this 11th day of isolation, I am a hardcore 8.2 and I love it!

Why the high score when other days dipped as low as 4? Easy peasey my friends, I am loving the CHOICES I am making.

I can’t end isolation, but I can eliminate the mess in my kitchen.

I can’t hang with friends and enjoy the banter and camaraderie so I have witting and fun convos with myself (and generate a meme or two or ten as a result).

And I can love me. This morning after a long night sleep, my body is feeling the increase in physical exercise I have been undertaking on a daily basis. The result – I feel stronger, I feel happier. I feel – like me again.

Yes, solid 8.2.

But as I mentioned previously, the deja vu continues. I have been here before. I have been forced to adapt before and I have succeeded by focusing not on what I cannot change but on what I CAN which reminded me of an entry in my first book.

(Insert giggle here. You will soon know why.)

Here is the audio recording for January 6th, part of my Honorary Indian Daily program (just click on the image of the book to hear it.  You will be taken to another page set up just to house that recording). This is the exact type of entry that is emailed to members each month. I place it here because today it so fits, as any good teaching should.

(And if you want more, just head to Shop while you are on my page and look for “Honorary Indian Daily”. Sign up and this exact type of recording will be sent straight to your inbox every single day. I, for one, know I would LOVE to be part of your daily world during and after isolation!


Enjoy my friend.