Day Ten – Magnified Choices


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning this isolation has me thinking just how much of a magnifying glass this has been for me, as if a spotlight has been aimed at my life and my choices …

With the closing of my events, decision time! Do I pivot, adapt, refocus, and go on or do I give in, accepting that my business is done, killed by unforeseen forces? Option A is the only one that works for me.

During isolation, do I make note of the things I eat and how often? Do I become more determined to fit exercise into my routine or do I enjoy my time on the couch, with no one judging my decisions but me? Again, Option A.

Sleep? Bedtimes? Time to get up? What to wear? Routines or no? Question after question help me to define who I am and how I am going to react to forces outside my control … just like always, yet somehow more.

Last night, two choices and two decisions I never make – I watched a movie (actually two). A simple choice and a rare pleasure. Good choice.

The second – the decision to stay up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late chatting with a friend that made me laugh. I knew I would feel it today. I knew it would impede my progress today … and it didn’t matter cuz sometimes you just gotta!

So this is me – happy with my business progress, happy with my weight loss progress, happy with my choices in general, happy with me ….

Because as Mom always loved pointing out, I am the only one that is going to be with me for the entire journey. I best start to like her.

Good news is … I love her which brings me to YOU my friend … how you doin my friend? Who are you becoming in light of this isolation and more importantly, do you like the answer?

You need not share with me, but you best ask and pay attention to the answer … for YOU. Isolation or not, we will have to live with the results after all.


I love you!