Day Twenty-One – Sunday Planning

I am awake, I am alive, as my well-rested mind and body grow excited to tackle all that is scheduled to transpire this week, everything from college instruction, to strategic planning, to inspiring speeches, to meeting facilitation for an entity doing amazing work during troubled times.

YES! I am blessed!

So like every week in my adult life, Sunday begins the prep for a week of success. Today I begin the work, so as to keep productivity high and stress low for the next 7 days – a recipe that has worked for me for near 40 years.

Whatever you do today my friend, may it move you closer to who and where you want to be. Rest if so needed. Grocery shop to sustain your family for the week. Exercise if you know the week’s agenda will allow little time for it later in the week. PLAN to succeed then next Friday you can celebrate how you did just that!

I am smiling already, just thinking of all you will do this week.

ENJOY the journey my friend!

I love you!

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