Day Seven – Remembering/Regrouping


I am awake, I am alive, as the vision remains fixed in my head.

Long before the office, long before the file sorters, there was a woman, renting a room in a friend’s house. The room was small, with a futon for a bed. Next to it, a nightstand converted to a desk and on it, a computer.

From here, she wrote daily blog posts. From here, she designed a website. From here, she started inspiring and encouraging people. From here, she began living her dream.

If I need to return to that, I will. If I need to purge to such an extent to survive, I will. Because one thing is certain, the people of this world need encouragement and inspiration even more than they did then so the journey continues.

From an office, from a tiny room, the location doesn’t matter as long as I get to continue loving you and NOTHING will stop that.

Here’s a pic of that very woman, in that very room.  Yep, she’s me!

Be well my friend.

I love you!