Day Six – Deja Vu


I am awake, I am alive, as I take comfort in this epic deja vu …

She was in her 40’s with a crazy dream. Money coming in was minimal (enough to keep her starving slowly but not enough to tread water) but she believed in the day when she would succeed.

Two file sorters were established on her desk, one to hold admin files, the other … to hold event files, a tactile reminder that she would not starve, that there was work to do.

But truth be told, often the event sorter held … nothing. On good days, there was a solitary folder there. But whether files existed or not, there was always hope and faith and trust that what she was doing was valuable and needed.

She believed in her.

Fast forward a decade and here I am, facing the same two file sorters. Thanks to a pandemic of epic proportions yet to be realized, the event sorter is once again empty. Yet like the woman I once was, I still have faith and hope and trust.

Social isolation deems that I cannot walk with participants or even friends at this time but I am enjoying this journey with the woman I once was. For you see, she believed I would one day exist.

So this is me, believing in who I will one day be, and that is NOT out of business. There may be belt-tightening. There may be supports lost. There may be tough decisions to make but then that is what business owner’s do.

The journey continues, my friend. I pray in this time of challenge that you rally the troops. Not the friends and family who believe in you but the troops inside you, the cells and blood and brains who have conquered challenges too numerous to mention and survived.

They know you got this.

Believe my friend, believe in you.
We got this.