Day Nineteen – A Life of My Design

I am awake, I am alive, as I sit here smiling, thinking back over what I affectionately call my “university life” although no tuition has been paid (in dollars and cents anyway), no class attended.

You see, I am smart, intelligent, able to grasp complex analogies and theories. School came as easy to me as the consistent A’s that lined up on every report card. I was meant for “great things” teachers would tell my parents, but no one told my self-confidence that.

With the death of my biggest fan, I no longer heard the prophesies of those who thought me destined for greatness. Instead, I longed to be loved so I married. I birthed children and my learning from an academic standpoint stopped for a time.

Now don’t get me wrong, life itself has been a constant education for me, as each day presented opportunities and challenges that time would morph into wisdom. But with meals to prep, wages to earn, and kids to feed I no longer took take to learn, just for the sake of learning. I longed to feel that exhilaration again, the joy that comes with exposure to mental growth.

But I am my Mother’s Daughter and when the formal education system failed her, my Mother chose to learn on her own, via the books she chose, consuming them like a starving child, for the sheer sake of learning.

I ordered two new books yesterday. I spent the evening listening to podcasts of interest while taking notes. And I smiled from the soul as I listened to every word, content to once again be spending an evening learning, enrolled for as long as possible in my very own university, known to others simply as … a life of my design.

Food for thought my friend …

I love you!

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