Day Five – Because I Love You


I am awake, I am alive, as thoughts swirl and dance in my head …

“It’s like sex” I explained only yesterday. “If you are out and about, meeting up with a bunch of people, hanging in crowds, you are exposed to many people making it easier for you to contract this. If you come hang with me, then I am exposed to all those you chose to expose yourself to.”

For some, this period of social distancing, this slow down is the break in time they prayed for. Now they have time to cook and clean and spend time with the loved ones previously ignored even as they live under the same roof.

For others, with elderly loved ones or loved ones with auto-immune diseases, this can be a scary time. I cannot even imagine their fear as they turn to social media, enduring the posts of those who think that this is no big deal, the very people that are a threat to the health of their loved one.

But then, that has always been the issue right? The ignorant, the self-absorbed thinking because its no big deal to them that it can’t possibly be a big deal to anyone. We have seen the mindset before. It’s the same one that dismisses racism because they have never experienced it. In both cases they are blind, never realizing they are a huge part of the problem.

So my friend, let us act as a carrier of Covid-19 today. Ask yourself just how many people are you willing to put at risk today? If you care for them, stay clear of them. If you have to interact, do it from a distance. Do not touch hands. Clean any surface religiously and often. Do not touch your face.

Because if you don’t, you may get it. And you might get a bad case of it. You may need a respirator to get through it and there are not enough respirators for everyone so please … keep your distance. Because the lack of sufficient medical support in the case of an outbreak is the reason we have to be so careful.

So forgive me if I keep my hugs to the virtual variety for now. I want to be here to help the world recover from this. I want to be able to hug my elders for real sometime in the future. I want to be able to hug a friend like you. To do that, I hug you virtually for now because I do love you and nowadays that is shown with distance.

So this is me, on Day Five of my self-imposed social isolation, busy working, preparing for the world after we have conquered this. I will emerge more prepared, more informed, more educated, more valuable to those who will need my assistance.

And you?

Food for thought my friend.