Day Four – Who Are You?


I am awake, I am alive, and as I begin Day Four of self-isolation, my thoughts go out to all those people now forced by circumstance and situation to redefine who they are …

These are the men and women previously defined by their office location (building, floor, corner office).

These are the men and women previously defined by appearance, whether that meant their perfectly tailored suit or their coiffed hair and elegant nails.

These are the leaders now cut off from their group, the students previously victimized by bullies now isolated but safe, the over-achievers struggling for marks, the teachers cut off from students, the speakers isolated from audience.

As the pandemic continues to run or crawl across our nations, we are left alone in front of our mirrors, with nothing but … a choice.

Who are we?

The options are limitless once you set the imagination free. I mean, what if, in the midst of all this, we become known as … compassionate?

What if we became a trusted resource for valid information, a source of humour and memes in the midst of insanity, the online human always willing to chat or call or listen?

What if?

I believe that it is during times of trial that true colours are revealed. This is your chance my friend. Let’s see yours. I bet they are absolutely beautiful.

The journey continues …


I love you! Stay safe.