Day Sixteen – White Silence Needed

I am awake, I am alive and today, I am thankful for the latest lesson of what is required for reconciliation …

Like a quilt it comes together, one truth, one stitch at a time. The latest – that indigenous need to be heard (probably not a surprise) but not at an equal step to white (surprised?).

Suffice to say, for 150+ years, white have been heard consistently and constantly. Even when the words were based on nothing but misinformation and fear, they were heard and heeded and implemented and inacted.

At the reconciliation table, it is the indigenous who must be heard. Period. We need not hear your response or your interpretation of what we just said. In fact, I dare to say you will learn more from not speaking, for then you will have begun to internalize the reality that this is not about you – not about your thoughts, your ideas, or your feelings. All of those have already been heard, written, and shared.

It is our turn now and yours to be silent for more than a minute or a meeting. Silent long enough for you to understand fully why this is not your time to speak.

When two rivers flow alongside each other, for the first time, then you will again be able to speak, as will we. But until then please, silence. We have stories and answers to all that ails us but we need you to hear … with contemplation and acceptance, without response.

I love you!

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