Day Fourteen – Losing an Hour

I am awake, I am alive, and as the day starts an hour later in my area, I give thanks for the spring that is upon us and the fact that it is Sunday.

After all, an hour lost on a Monday or even a Wednesday could be highly stressful but on a Sunday? In my world, there are no “deadlines” on a Sunday, no stresses, no “have to’s”. There are many things I can do to make the workweek easier but all of them are choices. The world will continue if I don’t do all or some of them.

So this is me giggling at the idea that I “kinda” slept in this morning, for the first time in years. This is me LOVING waking up to the gorgeous sun streaming in my window. This me feeling grateful for the restful night and all this day brings.

This is me, waking after a long sleep … like so many animals and plants soon will.

This is me appreciating this day, and you …

I love you!

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