And again …


I am awake, I am alive, and I am home. Once again I prepare for an event, ever conscious of the Coronavirus.

The event – a small group with social interactions adapted to reflect current day realities. But even with the limitations and concerns, I look forward to this gathering as yet another community strives to improve their conditions and their relationships with each other.

So the journey continues. Today is the last event prior to a near full 2-week period of social distancing as I do my part to ensure that those I love stay safe and well.

And I love you.

I will be here as always – online, in post and video form. And truth be told, I will be enjoying the quieter time that follows this week of insane activity.

And I know we will get through this. Together, even as we stay separate.

So this is me, praying for you and yours. Praying you have all you need to stay safe. Praying that the closest the virus gets to you is a story in your feed.

And I will continue those prayers for as long as we need.

This I promise.