Not Their World …


I am awake, I am alive and this morning it is all about the future, the youth, the ones we will one day leave here to take our place and today, I am thrilled to empower them to do just that.

This morning “It’s Not Their World” looks at what we have handed our youth – the problems, the addictions, the internalized oppression. I teach them how to break the chains so many of us were unable to break, in hopes that they succeed.

Then this afternoon “Your Voice Matters” teaches them how to use their voice in powerful and effective ways, when it matters on topics that matter to them!

But before the seminar, before the laughter, the exercises, the work … I pray. Pray for the youth so often looking for a mentor to follow, so often trying to survive without survival skills, so often fearing the future rather than …

This morning I pray because with Creator is how I can help the most. Why? Because breaking the chains includes bringing our culture with us everywhere we go and not just as an opening, not just at pow wow. Our culture needs to once again guide our every word, our every deed, just as if it was never restricted.

For that kinda future, I pray because our kids deserve to feel pride.

Today my friend, pray with me, for the youth that need our support so that they may soon thrive rather than just praying to survive.


The journey continues …