Day Twelve – I Never Walk Alone

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I smile as I realize even during these crazy times, I never walk alone.

For the last two days, I walked with the NAN team as they hosted the “Best Practices in First Nation Education Virtual Forum”. It was fun to chat with Gabrielle Scrimshaw and Tanya Talaga. It was fun to watch DerRik Starlight and Dallas Arcand. It was educational to work with TAG and Maverick. It was an honour to work with Kathy and her amazing team.

And then I rested.

This morning the pleasure and joy to again walk with some of the amazing staff of Beendigen as they balance their work with their lives, with Covid, and with stress. Our teachings will help, of this I have no doubt.

And then, the weekend when it will simply be me and my cat and my Creator, giving thanks for a week well lived, resting in preparation for yet another one in the upcoming days. In these quieter times, times of less in-person meetings, less background noise as I work from home, I find it easier to hear his words. Similiar in a way to time in the bush and it is good, really good.

And of course, as I type these words, I imagine for a moment walking with you my friend. We would laugh, we would share, we would cry if need be but we would definitely live and that thought makes me smile from the soul.

Enjoy the gift of this day my friend.

I love you!

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