Supporting the Front-Line …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, I think of them (as I always have, it seems) – the front-line workers.

I was a young woman, new on my career path, when I first realized I could never be one of them – one of the dedicated men and women on the front-lines. I am referring to counselors and caregivers, nurses and therapists, and the like. They are on the ground, working with people, helping them through dark times, and I knew I couldn’t. I knew I was the type who would want to bring them all home, to make them all better and obviously, that wouldn’t work so I set out to find a way to help them do what they do.

Administration was my answer. If I couldn’t be on the front-lines, then I could ensure those dedicated souls had a solid foundation behind and under them, policies that supported them and supports for when they faltered.

For twenty years I offered that support – working in, managing and eventually running such an agency but now, I support in a more direct, front-line way and that thought makes me smile from the soul.

Today, the first offering of the Laughter Olympics. Today, the dedicated staff of Biidaaban Treatment Centre will laugh and love and enjoy a much needed break from the intensely important and challenging work they do.

And once again, I am thrilled to help.

And you my friend, how do you help? Do you sit in condemnation of others or do you offer viable solution? When things fall, do you strive to figure out why or just throw stones?

Imagine the world if support and the search for understanding were the auto responses. I want that world and I can create it … by doing it, every time I can.

You with me?

The journey continues and for that, I am grateful.