Day Nine – All or Nothing

I am awake, I am alive, and again I struggle with reach vs content.

Gawd knows, thanks to the internet and the enforced restrictions that Covid brings, we now travel much further to many more people via the internet. Events are bigger in scope, reaching across languages, customs and even international borders.

But is content following suit?

In my opinion it is not and that is highlighted each month as the many platforms and groups I engage with release their monthly calendars. Meetings, events, all of those included as they should be but also included … Christian holidays.

Can we be so tone deaf as to think all celebrate these holidays? Or, if religious holidays are to be featured, shouldn’t all the holidays of all the cultures engaged in the group be featured? Do content creators not see the marginalization this creates – the pushing aside, once again, of those that do not follow a Christian path?

I shake my head yet again, for far too many among us remain blinded by their privilege, blind to differences, or worse uninterested.

In this case, I pray they are just blind. For we can help them see. Disinterested on the other hand, can in fact be deadly.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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