Day Seven – Brain Rested!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling, thrilled with my “day off”.

Yesterday (as you may have noticed), I introduced “No Blog Saturdays”, a commitment to a new healthier lifestyle that includes working and living wiser. But yesterday was so much more than just not sharing a blog post, it was a day for my brain to rest.

Truth be told, that was the only rule for yesterday – no brain work. No learning, no reading, no decisions, no contemplating anything, no debates, no educating anyone. Yesterday, my body worked. Yesterday, I had fun and yesterday, I did whatever I dang well wanted, when the idea popped into my head, with no admonishment that I had to “wait until I was done” or “wait until later”.

Today however, is a workday in my world as I prep for the week, but it is a treat to once again think and plan and prepare. With brain rested, I am ready to imagine amazing offerings filled with inspiration and it has already begun … by sitting down and writing this post.

Today, my friend, I pray you get whatever your mind, body, and spirit need. At times, they need both rest and stimulation so today I pray you feed those needs.


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