Day Four – Nish Work

I am awake, I am alive, and last night after taking a call from my amazing niece I began to contemplate the work of many Indigenous men and women I know, what I affectionately call “Nish Work”.

Nish work isn’t 9-5.
Nish work doesn’t end at 65.
Nish work isn’t dependant on pay.
Nish work isn’t limited by job description.

Nish work is helping because someone asked.
Nish work is helping because you can.
Nish work is helping because not so long ago someone helped you.
Nish work … is who we are.

So today, I celebrate the men and women who serve not out of obligation but out of responsibility. We pay forward to payback. We work for the next seven generations with what we inherited from the last seven. We do what we can so that the work is a little lighter for those that come next. We heal so that those that come next have less to unpack.

I, for one, am honoured to spend another day doing good work, doing Nish Work.

I love you!

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