Scheduling Laughter …


I am awake, I am alive and today the journey (and the juggling) continue.

Thank GAWD for great assistants! Next week’s deadlines and events are leaving us little time for laughter and me more frustrated than I like but she soldiers on, working and producing and smiling and laughing. For her, I am so grateful.

I think I owe her a cake or something!  lol

It is at these times, these insane times that I so appreciate my online friends – the ones who post memes and funny comments, baby pics and vacation pics. I wonder if they realize how often they are my break in a busy day, my sanctuary in the midst of insanity.

I think I owe them … likes and loves, even when I am busy.

Yes, the journey continues as this woman lives her dream for my dream was never about laying on a beach or sipping adult beverages. I don’t ever dream of “doing nothing” for my joy is found in movement, in activity, in productivity. My younger “me” dreamed of being a “boss lady”, in charge of my own company and my own destiny.

And … I am. So this is me – smiling, planning and promising that today, we make time to laugh.

(I put it in my daybook so I don’t forget.)

Thanks Creator for the reminder that laughter is an amazing soundtrack to live and work by.

Thinking of you my friend and praying that today you too are laughing more often than not.