A Perfect Day for Many Things


I am awake, I am alive, and today … I am home, making it a perfect day for many things.

Today, I will reflect on participants, on recordings made on the journey, on teachings received, on comments heard, on hugs received, on plans shared … and it will be good.

Today, I will putter – unpacking this, refilling that, straightening this, opening that as I prepare for the amazing week ahead. Busy season requires preparation, so today I prepare.

Today, I will rest but only to the extent of the nurturer. No wasted day here. Parents don’t get days off. Farmers don’t take days off either. Children and animals must be fed no matter what the man-made calendar says, so today I will rest AND nurture for I have a country I am trying to bring together.

And today, I will pray. I will give thanks for this amazing journey filled with phenomenal teachers. I will give thanks for the wisdom it took me near 56 years to acquire. I will give thanks for my home, my bed and my furball alarm clock. I will give thanks for the challenges that force me to choose what is really important and for the friends that love me no matter what.

But most of all, I will give thanks for the water, the air, and the land for they are the root of everything we truly need, and they must be protected.

The journey continues … and for that I am grateful too.


I love you my friend.
Enjoy this day and the work.