Looking at It in a Different Way

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, I am excited to share something different with you!

Personally, I love any conversation or text or event that leaves me looking at my world in a new way. That is, to a large extent, what I try to do here with my videos and blog posts. I attempt to change the view of Canada’s future for those who live within its borders.

For the indigenous, I attempt to paint a future of power and promise, one in which our voices are heard, our opinions listened to, our direction observed, our denials heeded.

And for the non-indigenous, I attempt to paint a future of inclusion, of diversity, of promise, a country that is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and powerful as a result, a country that combines the wisdom of all the colours.

I mention all that because today I am sharing a podcast with you, one that I had the honour and privilege of taking part in sometime ago, one that changed my view of my life and work as the host, Avni Godse, and I looked at my journey through the lens of ART.

Avni was a joy to work with and I pray you enjoy this as much as I did. Fair warning, it IS a podcast (30 minutes long), so please, feel free to through it on as you go about your morning routine.

Perhaps it will even help you start your day with a smile.

(And for the youth that may stumble across this sharing, if Avni can do it, SO CAN YOU!! Just a thought …)

I love you!