Lean In

This morning I start the day smiling as I think to myself, “I got my bearings!”

We all know the feeling of walking on shaky ground. It happens whenever we are experiencing something new – a new job, a new relationship, visiting a new place for the first time, meeting with a new group. We feel uneasy, uncertain, but for the feeling to pass, we must lean into it. We must be willing to be uncomfortable for a time until this too is something we are used to.

But many don’t. Many head straight for control – controlling the discussion, the agenda, controlling interactions, trying desperately to morph what is new into something familiar instead of simply … enjoying the new.

Reconciliation is a learning curve. Most of us have never really tried to get along with each other, not in some real demonstrative way. For years, non-Indigenous have said silly things like, “All are welcome here” without putting any time into questioning if that statement was actually true. Ask the Indigenous who do not frequent your store or business and you may have your answer.

Today my friend, join me in leaning in to not knowing. Humility is a beautiful thing. Humility brings people closer whereas control, well, that just drives them away.

Today, let’s not drive any more people away. Not if you truly want to be part of the solution.

(Oh and just fyi, if you have a child, then every new day is new ground. You have never been a parent of this many days before, for you have aged since your last interaction. You have never parented a child of this age before, for they too are now older. Keep that in mind when you are confronted with the knowledge that old rules don’t work anymore. Lean in.)

Food for thought my friend.

I love you!