Day Eighty-Seven – Getting Ready!


I am awake, I am alive, and suddenly … time sped up again.

After months of working at my own pace, trying to accomplish things but realizing no deadline loomed, the roll-out of the Ontario Phase 2 plan changed it all, bringing with it opportunities and deadlines as I begin to plan for future events.

And it is good, real good.

Because you see, I am a master of accepting what I cannot change. If I could not see family and friends, I made the best of it. I focused on goals. I focused on self mastery. I focused on my company. I changed what I could but now …

Now I get to go out again, to help those that mean so much to me, the men and women struggling in patterns of behaviour that do not serve. These men and women long for healthier families, communities, and workplaces and I can help with that! And honestly, I cannot wait to do just that.

Today, I reach out to my list, informing them of all the changes I have made to keep them safe, including cost saving measures to allow them to train their entire staff, even within the restrictions of 10 people at any one gathering. And as I prepare I smile, knowing one thing is absolutely true …

We got this. We always have, as the journey continues.

Are you ready my friend? Are you excited for the next phase of re-opening? What have you changed to adapt to this new world? How will you keep your loved ones safe?

The choice is ours as always – the choice to accept the things we cannot change but to change the things we can. Or we can choose victim status, throwing hands in the air, saying there is nothing we can do.

There is always something we can do my friend. And today is a good day to figure out what.

As for me, I promised I was coming out of this better than before and I AM and I pray you can say same my friend. I pray you hang on to all the teachings that Covid brought to us (more on that later, in my Tuesday Teaching video).

For now just know …