The Heaven We Can Live In

I am awake, I am alive, and today, yet another opportunity to be of service – to help those that do not understand to gather the information they need; to help those hurting, silenced, marginalized, or discarded to be seen, heard and eventually, healed.

It is hard work. It is exhausting work but I believe it to be important work so I continue, every single day. Because you see, I believe in one truth – the truth that was the home I was raised in.

My Dad French, my Mom Anishinaabekwe, but in that home cultures lived in harmony, Both respected, both heard, both valued. Decisions were made via consensus with one never having veto over the other. Why? Because they valued the relationship more the pros or cons of any one decison.

That is the world I work to create. I know it can be for I am a product of just such an environment. But I also know that just like an alcoholic finds it hard to imagine a world without drink (especially if they have never personally seen one), it can be hard for people to imagine such a world.

But it is possible. I know because I lived there and it was beautiful.

Join me my friend. Let us recreate beauty, the beauty of my childhood home for you, your family, your friends, your community, this country. Because no one deserves to be hurt, silenced, marginalized, or discarded.

You with me?

I love you!