Day 107 – Ghost Dance


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling and shaking my head as I mentallly ask, “Why do I keep doubting myself!?”

Aren’t ghosts the absolute worst!? I swear when I made the decision to move, the ghosts of homelessness and failure and helplessness came racing in the door. Tears and fears filled my existance leaving me almost struggling for air (mentally not physically). For a day, I danced with them, stepping on their toes, telling them I didn’t like the song. Around and around we went until they and I were exhausted.

With morning light, they were gone, vanquished back to the recesses of memory as I began the search for an incredible new home. When I thought I heard music playing again, I looked even harder. I set up viewings and I reminded myself that every accomplishment I have ever achieved was built on effort – MY effort.

By the end of the weekend, a new place is near secure, a place bigger and much more affordable than this one. And the best part, no stairs! No threat to me or my grandbabies. They will even have a fenced yard to play in.

So today, the journey continues, as I shake my head at those silly ghosts. One day, I pray I do not hear them at all. For now, I am just thankful that I have learned how to exhaust them. Nowadays they get one day not the week long terror trip they use to provide and it is good, real good.

But next time, I am picking the music and if they don’t like it, well then, they can find somewhere else to dance.

Enjoy this day my friend. Stay in the present. Don’t relive past challenges. Rather focus on the fact that you overcame them (not sure how, watch the video below. In it, I share a quiz that will help). Build the future. Start today.



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