Day 106 – 2A System for Life Success


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as once again my 2A System works its magic …

2A – Acceptance then Action – literally how I have made it through all the changes and challenges and curve balls that life throws at all of us.

First, Acceptance – the grieving process, the time needed to accept the job is gone (or soon will be), the relationship is done (or no longer works), the bills are winning or a hundred other examples. This step IS SO VITALLY IMPORTANT because without it, there is no moving on. There is just more baggage.

During acceptance, I may eat, I may cry, I may have a drink, I may do all of the above in the span of 60 mins and I may repeat over and over until … I accept. (As a general rule, I allow myself a full 24-hour day for this stage. In the case of grief over the passing of a loved one, it may take a lot longer and that’s okay too.)

And then, once the acceptance is complete, I confidently move into the action stage. With the tears cried, I am lighter, ready, resolved so I begin the search for a new job, a new place to live, or whatever the “new” needs to be as a result of acceptance. I love this stage because I know this is me coming out the other side of acceptance, this is me healing and moving forward.

Yesterday was my acceptance day, as I acknowledged and felt the lack of energy and ambition that comes with grieving. I accepted that. I allowed for it, with no judgement, for I know it is a stage in the process.

But today, today I am back, ready to move forward with the gusto I am known for. Today, I am lighter. Today, my vision is clearer Today, I am ready … for action.

I smile again as I think of all the years I wasted, denying the grief that is so often felt over so many things. By moving to action without authentically honouring my grief, I guaranteed a sluggish, half-hearted existance, bogged down by what I had not acknowledged.

But no more.

Now this woman FLIES through life, the kinda action possible if we first take the time to accept.

The journey continues, my friend. Let’s FLY!