Prepare Yourself … for What is Coming Next

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I continue the contemplation of a comment that was made to me a few days ago. The words were simple enough, “Prepare yourself for what is coming next”.

The phrase was spoken in reference to a podcast I recorded recently and the anticipated attention it will receive but that is not why it stayed with me. It stays with me because I believe it is apt advice for those living within Canadian borders, Indigenous and non.

In other words, we all best prepare ourselves for what is coming next.
– Canadian history revealed is coming next.
– More children found is coming next.
– Stronger Indigenous voices are coming next.
– Deniers being silenced is coming next.
– Intense pain for Indigenous with each child found and then healing is coming next.

The era of misinformation and/or utter lack of education on Canada’s complete history is coming to an end, even as politicians dance to a beat they no longer recognize. Canada Day is now tainted, at minimal, cancelled by many as the population comes to terms with what happened to the people and the children of the people who were moved off the land so that municipalities could be built.

Growth is rarely easy, but it is needed, and Canada is overdue for some growth in my mind but we must prepare.

So those of indigenous descent, those carrying the scars and the memories especially, please take care of you. Firm up your self-care plans. Cry your tears. Do not let anyone limit your grieving or your healing but do limit your time on social media. Yell if need be. Cry out. Post. Accuse. Condemn. Do it all. You have the right. You have the justification. Support your elders. Hug your kids. Light your pipes. Offer your semaa. Build your sacred fires. Say your prayers.

And non-Indigenous, grab the Truth & Reconciliation Commissions final report. Read the words as the most valuable text on Canadian History you have ever been handed. Know the truth before uttering or typing a word. And then, feel free to sit in silent allyship beside those that are grieving. Feel free to vote from a more enlightened perspective in the next Federal and Provincial election. Feel free to advocate and support the removal of statues that glorify terrorists and the covering of murals that did same.

In other words, prepare yourself for what is coming next.

I love you!