Day 105 – Decisions


I am awake, I am alive, as my mind begins to processs the decisions of yesterday.

Decisions – if nothing else, I think this time of self-isolation and social distancing has forced many to make decisions, many of them. As normality was legislated away, we had to decide who we were without our jobs (in some cases), without our freedom, without access to so many things and even, each other. And in so many cases, we had to decide what we were spending our precious dollars on.

Yesterday, I made yet another decision of the financial type, the decision to give up my condo. It is a sound financial move, one supported by advisors I trust but it wasn’t until I stood in the morning light that my brain began to wrap around what that means.

First, washing my face, as I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. Suddenly, the realization that soon I will be waking and glancing into a different mirror in a different bathroom in a different place. But what started as a tinge of sadness quickly evolved into excitement on the way to the kitchen as I smiled at the realization that I am so not the woman who moved in here 4 years ago.

I smile even now as I remember the woman I was then, a woman blown away by these new elaborate surroundings. She doubted if she could live here, if she could ever feel comfortable here. In short, she underestimated all I can do, as I have done so many times over the years.

But she is gone, replaced by present-day Me, a woman looking forward to a house with a yard, green grass, and trees. I dream of a place my grandkids will love as much as me and I cannot wait to find out just where that amazing place is.

So the journey continues. It is time, time for new chapters in new locations for the new version of me designed and developed in this condo.

It is time and this time feels good. Real good.

I pray you can say same my friend. I pray you realize you are so much more than the human you once were – more experienced, wiser, stronger from having climbed more mountains than ever before. YOU my friend, are strong enough to survive A PANDEMIC!! The author in me thinks that sounds epic enough to write a book.

Maybe we should.


Until tomorrow my friend, remember, I love you!