Day 104 – Living & Loving in Sanctuary


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am happy as the threat of rain outside remains me of all I have inside …

I post this message from the comfort of my livingroom, my favourite place. Here I begin and end each day. Here I welcome the sun and the moon and it is good, really good.

As I type, I sip my favourite coffee, made a few steps from me in my kitchen. Breakfast food awaits in fridge and cupboard along with the fixings for lunch and dinner. No worries there.

And soon I will begin the first “leg” of my 10km daily walk. Five kms every morning, the balance completed later in the day. I am not dependent on a gym or equipment not located here for I do my steps to the beat of my favourite music, all within the confines of sanctuary. The result – not even the weather can stop my commitment to my health and that too is good, really good.

And once my 5km is done, to the home office I will go to continue work on a training seminar that will assist those who assist others for years to come. The office is just down the hall so again, the thought makes me smile from the soul.

“Build sanctuary” Mom use to say. “Build the place you love to be, the place you love to come home too. No need to make it fancy, just make it home.”

I did Mom, I absolutely did and you were right. I so need sanctuary, especially in times like this when the world is anything but peaceful.

I pray you too find yourself in sanctuary, my friend, and I pray you love it there as much as I love it here.

Enjoy this day. Enjoy sanctuary.


I love you!