Day 103 – Possibilities


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I consider … new possibilities.

Truth be told, I joke often that I “passed my dreams 4 years ago”. With the phrase I am referring to the fact that I am now living a life I didn’t even dare dream of as a youth or even as a younger adult woman.

Sure I dreamed of writing a book one day but THREE? And two of them being best-sellers (more than 10,000 copies sold)? No, I didn’t see that coming.

Speaking tour of Finland? Nope, never.

Hosting a t.v. show? Nope.

Consulting with national organizations on how to improve their indigenous engagement processes? Nope.

The truth is, Creator knew what I was capable of even in the days (like today) when I have yet to grasp the extent. But no matter, I don’t have to dream all the dreams. I just have to make sure that I don’t stand in my own way.

Mom use to always say that when someone compliments you, rather than downplaying the comment, just say “Thank you”. I believe the same can be said for opportunities. If someone gives you a chance to do something, GO FOR IT. Don’t talk yourself out of it. The demons of internalized oppression wil have you thinking, “I could never do that” but DO IT ANYWAYS. They are wrong. You should show them just how wrong.

I smile as I realize I have been preaching this message for more than a decade now as shown by this old but cute video. Note the state of my office as I am working. Somethings truly don’t change it seems, but somethings should. Maybe its time for a new adventure or maybe even, a new friend or two.

Get out of your own way, my friend. Creator is the tour guide. I suggest you enjoy all he brings you.


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