A Day to Honour Evelyn Rose …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning only one thought is dancing in my head …

“To have children is to have hope for the future,
to have grandchildren is to bear witness to that future.”

You see, today is not about work or goals, about bringing a country together or stopping the attacks. Today is a day of celebration as my family takes a moment to honour and celebrate the youngest edition to our family.

Sweet Evelyn is SIX years old today, with a personality that fills any room with love! She loves dragons and dinosaurs, mermaids and anything “pretty”. She is a joy with her “I love you so much Gramma!” and her “I missed you so much!” and today is her day!

Meetings have been cancelled or rescheduled. I missed far too many of my children’s special days (in an attempt to feed them) to ever let that happen again. Now all that matters are these beautiful children and Gramma being present to celebrate their days.

If you are so blessed to have your own little gbs, hug them today. Love them today. Let us be everything these little people need.

Enjoy the day!

I love you!